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Double Two New Capital

unique features of Double Two Tower New Administrative Capital
The developer has established Double Two Tower New Capital, and it is one of the most important investment projects located in New Capital, as it is equipped with many unique features that businessmen are looking for, the most important of which are:

The presence of a central internet with high speeds within all units in the tower so that customers can complete tasks related to the speed and accuracy required inside Double Two Tower New Capital.
All advanced means have been used to secure Double Two Tower, and this is represented in the installation of modern television surveillance cameras and secure electronic gates, in addition to the presence of a group of the most efficient security men at the entrances and exits to prevent any thefts or any riots.
Within the project, there are alternative energy systems in Double Two Tower New Capital.
The architectural designs are very elegant and splendid, as all units enjoy a wonderful view of the iconic tower, the central business district, and the green river of the capital within Double Two.
Advanced smart firefighting systems, safe emergency exits, and fire extinguishers in all units.
Central air conditioning to cover all units so that customers can get their work done in a mild and comfortable atmosphere.
Swimming pools for hotel units inside Double Two Tower.
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Services provided by Double Two Tower New Capital
The real estate developer wanted to raise the level of commercial centers through the implementation of his Double Two Tower Project and provide it with all the amenities and luxury that customers need, and this is achieved by providing all kinds of entertainment and basic services that meet all the requirements, the most important of which are:

The tower is equipped with escalators to facilitate movement between floors in Double Two Mall New Capital.
Many international restaurants and cafes provide excellent services.
Recreational areas surrounding the tower are open with gardens and parks inside which there are restrooms so that visitors can sit in them after completing their shopping in Double Two Tower New Capital.
2 advanced electric elevators allocated to the administrative units, and a panoramic elevator for hotel units so that customers can move freely between floors.
In front of the elevators, there is a large independent lobby in Double Two Mall New Capital.
Hotel services represented in cleaning all internal units in the tower, which works daily.
The project is equipped with high-end services such as concierge and information inside Double Two Mall,
The units within the project are provided with housekeeping service, and special fees are paid for Double Two Mall New Capital.

Maintenance centers with a group of the most qualified technicians to fix all possible malfunctions in all units, including plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning.
Double Two New Capital includes a children's area with games and recreational activities suitable for them and a group of specialists to provide the best means of care and attention to them.